Dr. Dilip Nadkarni

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni is an Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in treating sports and fitness related injuries. He is a distinction holder at MBBS and a rank holder and gold medalist at post graduation in orthopedic surgery from Mumbai.

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He is an author of several scientific papers in Arthroscopy and sports injury. He has done pioneering work in Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy under local anesthesia. His patients include top international sports persons and other celebrities engaged in fitness activity.
Dr. Nadkarni is affiliated to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, where he performs advanced Arthroscopic Surgery. To date, Dr. Nadkarni has performed over 10000 Knee Arthroscopic surgeries.

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni launched the Fit India Movement to promote fitness and gives lectures on TV, Radio, at Sports Clubs, Social Organisations and Corporate Bodies. He has written several books published by Times Books. The first titled REAL Fitness, presents a simple formula to fitness, which includes Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude and Laughter. The second book Knee Problem No Problem gives an overview of Knee Problems and their solutions. Dr. Dilip Nadkarni has also written a book titled Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation.

The latest book by Dr Dilip Nadkarni is titled ‘How to Avoid Knee Surgery’. In this book Dr Nadkarni provides a fomula to achieve the ‘Triple S’ goal where you become Supple, Strong and Slim and in a bid to avoid knee surgery. Dr. Dilip Nadkarni was a Table-tennis player at National Level and now plays amateur golf. He is a songwriter and Music Composer with original works in his credit. He creates socially relevant videos, which have been viewed and appreciated by millions on social media.

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni lives in Mumbai with his wife Rashmi who is an Anaesthesiologist and his sons Nishad and Rishab.