Knee problem…. No problem
Introduction :

The mission of "Knee problem No problem" is to help the reader gain insight into common knee problems and understand the causes, manifestations, investigations, treatment modalities and preventive measures concerning knee disease. This book also aims to clear myths and reduce apprehensions about knee disorders.
Why am I writing this book?
Jogging in the park I was chased by a dog.
The dog was quite fit.
I started running but he started gaining.
I started sprinting fast, but still he caught up.
Pinning me down he announced that he was a mad dog and that he was going to bite me.
I asked him why.
He said that it was the only way I would start writing this book.
He said that an orthopedic surgeon would write a book on preventive aspects of knee disorders, only if bitten by a mad dog.

Are knee problems on the rise?
Yes. Fitness fads, obesity and longevity, in different ways have contributed to the rise of knee problems in the community.

The pursuit of fitness can be a double-edged weapon. On the one hand scientifically attained and maintained fitness is bliss and on the other hand improper exercise and overexertion can seriously damage knees. With gyms mushrooming on every street corner, I hope there is enough trained manpower, to ascertain safe exercise.
Obesity is killing knees silently but surely. Junk food, excessive alcohol, sedentary life styles, remote controls, power windows ensure that more body-fat is accumulated, which weighs heavily on the knees.

Life spans have increased over the years. The quantum of life has definitely increased, thanks to the advances in medical science. In the bargain, many knees get worn out even when a lot of life is remaining. An otherwise healthy person at the age of 75 demands that something be done about the creaking, painful knees.

Knee problem Know problem
A disease is gravely compounded by uncertainty. I know many patients who have tossed in bed more from the worry than the pain itself. Half knowledge, pre-existing myths and advice by "friends" can all cause a flurry of thought processes, which can trigger stress. The patient tends to imagine that the worst disease has affected him, which has no cure. A person with a headache due to common cold thinks he has a brain tumor! This book intends to reduce the fear levels among the readers having knee problems. I know very little about devils, but a known devil is supposed to be better than an unknown one. I guess it is the same with knee problems. If you get to know more about your problem the fears would diminish.

This book will also help you avoid the Piano syndrome.

A patient came to me with a fracture near her wrist joint. I advised her a plaster cast for 6 weeks. She asked me if she would be able to resume all her routine activity after the fracture healed. I answered in the affirmative. She asked me if she would be able to play the piano after the fracture healed. I said yes to that. Without blinking she said,
"Great, I could never play it before!!"

You should know what to expect from a surgical procedure and you will not be disappointed. If one expects to lead a full life of skiing and hiking after knee replacement, there is bound to be disappointment.
Does the reader become a doctor?
I was giving a lecture on knee problems in Surat. One of the listeners asked me, "by the way, do you know a person named Ajit Parmar in Mumbai?" I asked him if he meant Doctor Ajit Parmar. With a straight face he said, "No, no, he is not doctor he is normal". (Doctor nathi, normal chhe, he said in Gujarati) This book is not going to reduce the number of "normal" people in the world.
It may contain some tips on first-aid in knee injury, but otherwise it is not a do-it-yourself manual on knee remedies. This book is not a substitute for a medical consultation and can never replace clinical judgment. Readers are advised to consult knee specialists for diagnosis and management of knee problems.
How to get the best out of this book
Please read the initial chapter, which deals with the anatomy and functions of the knee joint, before proceeding to the specific knee disorders. Understanding anatomy and functions of the knee will simplify further reading. I have tried to keep the language as simple as possible but some words may need reference to the glossary or a medical dictionary.
Who will benefit from this book?
This book will help those persons having knee problems and even those who wish to prevent knee problems. This book is meant for professional sportspersons, recreational athletes, persons embarking on a fitness program, senior citizens, ladies approaching menopause, heavy workers, couch potatoes, corporate heads and active children. In fact any person who wants to die young… at an old age, will benefit form this book.

If this book is successful in creating Awareness and reducing Apprehensions about knee problems, it has served its purpose

Readers are advised to consult their physicians
before starting any exercises or medication mentioned in this book.

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