REAL Fitness by Dr Dilip Nadkarni
Mona: Boss is `REAL FITNESS' a text book?
Boss: No dear, REAL FITNESS is an EXERCISE book.
Two ads appeared in sequence in a leading city daily.
One said "lose 10 to 15 kgs. weight, no exercise, no dieting.. only `pills & powders'."
The other said "scientific exercise program, balanced diet and lifestyle modification... no pills or powders, easy and permanent fat loss and fitness".
The `pill & powder' ad attracted a flurry of response. The `scientific' ad had a call or two. The first call was to express shock that one had to exercise to lose weight!
The other call was to offer the following advice, "If you want to stay in the fitness business, better start giving pills & powders"!!
A lot of people live with fitness myths, having their own concepts and theories of fitness and health. When it comes to fitness, there are many that believe strongly in the dictum `ignorance is bliss'. Most people hate to exercise. Some hate even the thought of it. Everybody wants a `medicine' that would make him or her fit. Then there are those who associate frank obesity with `good health'. There are those who swear by steam and sauna as the only ways of reducing weight. A tummy vibrator is hailed as THE machine to reduce the waistline.
Others shout from the rooftops: "AEROBICS IS HARMFUL" --period. Still others argue that one cannot match Yoga to reduce weight.

I have come across many of these characters in my career as an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine consultant. I meet them in my clinics, during talks, audio-visual demos or corporate sessions on fitness. The time is ripe for REAL FITNESS. Time to spread correct information on fitness and dispel a lot of existing myths on fitness.

Unfortunately many of the fitness programs and equipment sellers have pampered the psychology of the consumer. Do-nothing-and-get-fit kind of formulae. Most of the people associate exercise with punishment. A mischievous schoolboy is often punished for his misbehavior and asked to run a couple of rounds of the playground. In keeping with Freudian theory, his subconscious mind equates running with suffering. On the other hand a good performance is rewarded with a chocolate. So deep down it is registered as "Exercise is very bad, very bad and chocolate is very good, very good!!" Early in life, when such associations are made, counseling exercise often becomes an arduous task. It takes a great deal of patient de-conditioning.

Taking advantage of these human tendencies of exercise hatred, programs like "Total Fitness in 30 minutes a week" or "No diet, no exercise only herbal medicines" hit the human soft spot. Then there are equipment manufacturers who advertise " 7 minutes a day to Fitness" and show a Tarzanish figure modeling. Out comes the wallet--- forget the out come

REAL FITNESS promises no such miracles. For REAL FITNESS is very close to the truth. A patient, enjoyable way towards better life. No room for quickies here.


REAL FITNESS is an attempt to create awareness about fitness, clear the existing myths and provide a simple, concise and practical formula for fitness. Of these, clearing existing myths seems to be the most challenging task.

Creating awareness about fitness in the community is very important for people need to realise the value of fitness. In REAL FITNESS we have highlighted most of the benefits of fitness in an attempt to create awareness. Here, rather than just emphasizing what would happen if you are not fit, definite plus points of being fit are provided.

If made interesting, people are willing to listen to fitness facts. I have realised that after launching the Fit India Movement in 1994. Fit India Movement is a grass root level fitness awareness program. Launched amid fanfare and media appeal with India's greatest movie idol Amitabh Bachchan, this movement has spread to various cross sections of society trying to create fitness awareness. The popularity of the talks and demos and audience participation reveals that people want to make a change in themselves-- a positive change.

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